About APCR


Our mission: To advance medical innovation and public health by providing advocacy, promoting competence and encouraging exchange for and among physicians involved in or affected by clinical research.

The Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research (APCR) provides leadership within our diverse field. We encourage the highest standards of integrity and the ethical conduct of clinical research by knowledgeable professionals. Our dedication to quality ensures that patients benefit from evidence‐based therapeutics, supported by pharmaceutical and academic physicians and physician investigators. We make the case for clinical research to the government, media, and the public at-large.

APCR is the leading professional organization, exclusive to physicians, that supports and addresses the unique issues and challenges of physicians in clinical research.

Through the voluntary efforts of our members, APCR has become a global forum to express views as well as receive advice and support on improving the contribution of pharmaceutical medicine to the discovery, development, registration and marketing of innovative medicines, and the advancement of clinical research.

Who Are Our Members?
APCR Members are physicians who practice pharmaceutical medicine, work as physician investigators, serve as consultants, or provide academic leadership in clinical research.

APCR Membership
APCR Membership is valued and respected among clinical research professionals worldwide. APCR organizes scientific and professional development activities (e.g. Webinars, Classroom Courses, conferences, etc.) on a variety of issues concerning pharmaceutical medicine and clinical trials.

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APCR Membership Eligibility
All pharmaceutical physicians, physician investigators, and other physicians in good standing (MD, DO, MBBS or equivalent degree) who, in addition to their other professional work, devote a portion of their time to:

  • Performing studies of drugs, biologics, devices, vaccines or diagnostics;
  • Activities related to research, development or regulation of these products; or
  • Teaching the subject of pharmaceutical medicine and who will uphold the policies of APCR and subscribe to its bylaws.

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APCR Board of Trustees
APCR leadership is provided by a volunteer-based, member-elected Board of Trustees. Trustees serve a minimum term of two years, and can be re-elected for one additional two-year term. Board elections are held annually.

APCR’s volunteer-based Committees are integral to the development of, and progression toward, long-term APCR goals. Committee members generally serve a term of two years with the exception of Committee Chairs, who serve one-year terms. Nominations for volunteer Committee service are accepted annually. Visit Committees for more information about Committee service.