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The Online Community connects you to thousands of your industry colleagues through interactive eForums and a searchable Member Directory, and puts you in touch with hundreds of industry resources that can help you in your day-to-day job.

This social networking-style website is a vital resource for clinical research professionals like you looking to connect with others in your field and improve your job performance.

Thousands of your colleagues are already participating in the Online Community, so don't get left behind.

eForums are specialized, interactive online forums designed to facilitate information sharing among APCR and ACRP members. The Online Community is home to 11 specialized eForums covering topics from devices, data management, project management, site management and more. There is also an open eForum for general topics related to clinical research, chapter eForums and several member-created eForums. As an APCR member you can join as many eForums as you want and receive eForum alerts directly to your email.
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Member Directory
The Online Community's Member Directory is the best way for APCR and ACRP members to build their professional networks. The Member Directory includes every member of APCR and ACRP and is fully searchable by name, company, email address and more. Once you find the member(s) you are looking for, contacting them is just one click away.
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The Online Community includes hundreds of resources, all shared by your industry colleagues, that can help you in your day-to-day job. From SOPs and templates, to sample job descriptions and more, the Online Community's Resource Library is a vital resource for clinical research professionals. The Resource Library is fully searchable, and you can even store your favorite documents in one place for easy access any time you want. There's even a Wikipedia-style Glossary of terms you can look to for definitions to industry terms.
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Getting Started
Before updating your profile and getting started in the Online Community, you might want to watch the below videos: Exploring the Online Community; Accessing and Updating Your Profile in the Online Community. There are several other instructional videos to help you use the Online Community on ACRP's YouTube page.

Exploring the Online Community

Accessing and Updating Your Profile in the Online Community