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Below you'll find monthly columns from Executive Director Jim Thomasell taken from APCR Member Benefits, APCR's monthly e-newsletter for members.

The Power of APCR Volunteers
April 2014
To celebrate National Volunteer Week, we’re turning over this issue of your Membership Newsletter to our dedicated volunteers, whose service and commitment play a vital role in advancing the mission of our organization. We are grateful for the contributions made by our volunteers to APCR, ACRP, and the Academy. Read More

Changes Coming to The Monitor
March 2014
Starting with the April issue, ACRP’s flagship journal will be redesigned, rebranded, and reborn as… well, you’ll just have to wait and see! Read More

On Industry Efficiency and Effectiveness
February 2014
A colleague at ACRP forwarded me the following press release from the FDA: While I’ve never had any responsibility in Pharmacovigilance, what was interesting and exciting to me was the continued interest regulatory bodies have in partnering with other regulatory jurisdictions to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the clinical trial industry, a growing trend we can see in other initiatives as well. Read More

Exciting New Resources
January 2014
In the evolving world of clinical research you face pressure to constantly improve, and the longer you’re on the job the more you are looked upon as a resource, as a “master of clinical research,” for those just entering the clinical research profession. Read More

Discover Your Professional Development Pathway to Success in Clinical Research
November 2013
In the evolving world of clinical research you face pressure to constantly improve, and the longer you’re on the job the more you are looked upon as a resource, as a “master of clinical research,” for those just entering the clinical research profession. Read More

Are You a CPI®?
October 2013
ACRP's Certified Physician Investigator (CPI®) designation represents an independent assessment of a physician investigator’s professional competence. In the field of clinical research, certification provides objective validation of the education, work experience, and regulatory and occupational knowledge needed by PIs to perform their specific roles competently. Read More

Recognizing Physician Leadership in Clinical Research
September 2013
We make it a priority to honor outstanding achievements in clinical research through the Annual Awards Program held at the 2014 Global Conference & Exhibition. Read More

A New Mobile Resource for Physicians
August 2013
Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released mobile apps for their Open Payments program (Physician Payments Sunshine Act), which will allow you to track much of the data necessary for successful program reporting. Continue reading to learn more about this new resource. Read More

Finding the Resources That Matter Most to You
July 2013
APCR has long been proud of the resources and support we provide to the clinical research community as a whole, striving to promote the ethical and responsible conduct of clinical research worldwide. Read More

Committing Yourself to Quality Clinical Research
June 2013
After graduating from college with a degree in accounting, I began my career working for an accounting firm. In order for me to progress in my career, I needed to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). When I passed the exam shortly after starting my first real job, I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment and, to this day, I value my certification as a personal mark of professional excellence. Read More

Advancing Clinical Research, Together
May 2013
What impresses me most about our membership is the selfless manner in which you support one another. Each and every day I witness firsthand the power of our membership in the Online Community. Read More

Volunteer for Your Organization
April 2013
APCR offers you many ways to share your knowledge and expertise while contributing to your profession—and one of the most rewarding roles is that of a volunteer. Read More

Achieving Your Career Goals
March 2013
By choosing to be a physician involved directly or indirectly in the field of clinical research and becoming a member of APCR, you have demonstrated a commitment to not only the enhancement of human subject protection, but to the profession as well. Read More

Working Toward A Common Goal
February 2013
The ability to interact with and learn from professionals working toward the achievement of common goals is often at the heart of an individual’s decision to join a professional organization such as the Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research (APCR). Read More

Taking Advantage of Your Membership
January 2013
On behalf of everyone at APCR, I’d like to wish you a very happy and healthy new year. As we start 2013, I’m excited to say that your APCR Membership is without a doubt more valuable than ever before, with stronger Member benefits and more focused resources to serve you and advance our mission. Read More

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