APCR provides its members with a variety of resources, among them Clinical Researcher.

And now APCR is providing members with even more exclusive resources in the Online Community.

ACRP Launches Online Community

ACRP has further expanded its member resources with four new exciting online tools that make up the Online Community: a Wiki Glossary; interactive E-Groups; a Resource Library; and an interactive Member Directory designed to enable professional networking and resource sharing online.

Wiki Glossary
A brand new, interactive Wiki Glossary; think a Wikipedia specifically designed for the clinical research community. The Wiki Glossary allows members to take ownership of the glossary of terms by allowing members to view and edit glossary terms. Using this collaborative approach the glossary will be constantly updated rather than casually reviewed once every 5 or 10 years, ultimately creating a valuable member resource effectively created and managed by the clinical research community.

A brand new, interactive set of eForums; think a modernized set of listservs for specialized groups of ACRP members. The eForums allow ACRP members to ask questions and get answers from other group members, and to discuss general topics of interest. With this tool, ACRP is taking the existing listserves to the next level with better readability, customizable subscriptions and searchable content.

Resource Library
A brand new, interactive Resources Library providing members with best practices, SOPs, articles of interest and more. The Resources Library allows ACRP members to submit, comment on, rank and search for a wide variety of documents and resources useful to the clinical research community.

Member Directory
The Member Directory operates much like a social network; think a Facebook- or LinkedIn-style community made up of fellow ACRP members. The directory allows members to build relationships with people with shared interests and maintain existing relationships through easy-to-use, web-based tools.