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To keep up to speed with ACRP announcements and other news from the world of clinical trials we cordially invite you to “listen in on” the ACRP Wire, the free newsletter that is delivered bi-weekly by e-mail.

Each issue of the Wire is full of details on healthcare trends and FDA and pharma activity; opinions and observations from independent sources; announcements on publications, events, grants, corporate restructurings, and research opportunities from sources beyond ACRP that may be of value to our readers; and other timely stories from across the globe.

In addition to standalone stories on hot topics in the field, the Wire regularly includes:

  • In the News: A roundup of major media coverage of issues impacting the conduct of and public perceptions about clinical research
  • Clinical Trials Updates: Announcements from corporations, institutions, and journals about findings from recent trials, treated in brief
  • Campus Connections: An overview of the latest developments in clinical research at academic centers

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