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The Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research (APCR) is excited to announce the expansion of its educational offerings through a collaboration with AudioEducate. Using new technology for continuing medical education (CME), content will be delivered through the Amazon Alexa platform. This program is a three-part series on informed consent discussing how ethical principles evolved in clinical research creating the regulations of informed consent, the standards of compliance regulating the drug development process and implantation of informed consent processes in practice. Each program consists of a brief audio lecture, assessment questions and a short survey. Total time to complete each program is approximately 20 minutes.

Program Catalog

  • Human Experimentation: Part 1: What Entitles Physicians to Experiment on Fellow Humans?
  • Human Experimentation Part 2: Pathway to the Medicine-Industrial-Compliance Complex
  • Human Experimentation Part 3: Informed Consent, The Cornerstone of Medical Ethics


Michael Koren, MD, FACC, FAPCR, CPI

Michael Koren, MD, FACC, FAPCR, CPI
CEO and Director, Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research
Encore Research Group
Jacksonville, FL

Accessing the Program: Access the program by enabling the AudioEducate skill on your Amazon Echo product. If you do not have an Alexa-enabled device, you can download the Alexa app in the iTunes or Google Play store on your phone or tablet. The Alexa app also works with Bluetooth, so you can even take these programs hands-free while commuting to your practice.

Joint Provider: This activity is jointly provided by Potomac Center for Medical Education and the APCR. The educational partner for this activity is Rockpointe.

AudioEducate: To learn more about AudioEducate and these educational offerings, go to Other frequently asked questions can be found at