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Home News Harmful Price Control Legislation Opposed


Harmful Price Control Legislation Opposed

posted: April 22, 2021

Washington, DC — The Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research (APCR) issued the following statement urging Congress to rethink the introduction of harmful price control legislation:

“We are deeply concerned to hear that House Democrats are releasing a bill that has received considerable pushback from patients, providers, and other health care stakeholders. The government price-setting tactics in this legislation come from health care systems where patients currently experience long wait times for care and fewer treatment and therapy options than currently available in the U.S. We maintain that any health care reform should prioritize patient needs and this type of solution only creates additional barriers to new medications while doing nothing to directly lower patient out-of-pocket costs.

“Additionally, lawmakers ignore the reality that this bill will lead to significant reductions in biopharmaceutical innovation and the future development of critical treatments needed by patients. The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the need for easy access to medical care and assurance that new drugs can be produced when we need them most. While we truly appreciate Congress’s commitment to finding solutions that will make prescription drugs affordable for Americans, H.R.3 will do more harm than good.”